Trying To Build Flashcards

Trying To Build Flashcards

by Bleeding Bulb
Imagine being comfortable and invited to a room full of wealth... or imagine our youth being able to have a conversation on the topics of wealth by the age of 10 years old.

How dangerous would that be for you and your family. Do you accept the responsibilities of adding wealth and assets to your last name?

In life we have a choice. We can contribute to the ongoing cycle of our present situation or we can dedicate our life to change.

At some point, someone along your lineage will have to make sure opportunities are present for your family and loved ones.

The Trying To Build brand is about unleashing everyone’s inner asset; no matter your current state.

First, we have to shift our mindset and become comfortable being uncomfortable. You don’t have to know everything but we do need to continuously learn.

Flashcards is a community based app that eliminates the intimidation of learning about how to acquire wealth.

We’ve all heard about Wallstreet, real estate, and other ways the rich get richer but how do you get involved?

It’s starts with understanding the lingo, concepts, and terms.

When we refer to Wealth Talk we mean Bars and Nuggets.

Bars are the common ways the wealthy has built their empires. These paths include Real Estate,

Nuggets are the pieces of information within each Bar you leverage to master that bar.

If we are stacking Bars, we are stacking wealth. Let’s get started, it’s FREE!

We are Kings, Queens, and Giants.