Voice Monkey

Voice Monkey

by TopVoiceApps.com
Voice Monkey allows you to trigger routines and notifications remotely using an API.

This means you can now trigger Alexa Routines via Zapier, IFTTT, a web browser, a RESTful API or as part of your smart home set-up from platforms such as Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Node-red.

Please enable the Skill, link your Amazon account and then visit https://voicemonkey.io to get started.

* Warning *: This is a geeky tool for smart home and Alexa enthusiasts. If you've never heard of Zapier, IFTTT or an API, or are unsure about creating Alexa Routines, Voice Monkey is likely not for you. Otherwise, please continue...

Voice Monkey allows you to trigger Alex Routines based on just about anything -- an incoming email or SMS, a Facebook message, a Tweet, a weather alert or temperature change, website events, a server error, smart home device events such as a security camera motion detection event, or even a physical button connected to something like a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. The possibilities are endless.

Coming soon, you'll also be able to make notifications to your Alexa devices.


Before you can start using Voice Monkey you must complete the following steps:

1. Enable the Voice Monkey Skill
2. Agree to link the skill to your Amazon account and accept the permissions for notifications
3. Sign in at https://voicemonkey.io/login
4. Complete set-up and create your "Monkeys" which are virtual smart home devices each with an API URL you can use to trigger routines.
5. Set-up a routine and use the newly created Monkey as the trigger.
6. Use the "Generate URL" section of the site to create a URL you can use in a browser or within 3rd party apps such as IFTTT to trigger the routine.

More information and documentation is available at https://voicemonkey.io/docs

If you have any questions, comments or feedback please send an email to: