Voice Monkey - Smart Home + Routine Triggers + TTS

Voice Monkey - Smart Home + Routine Triggers + TTS

by TopVoiceApps.com
●● Live better with Voice Monkey for Alexa ●●

Enhance your wellness, be more productive and make your smart home even smarter.
Voice Monkey gives your home a voice and fills your living space with intelligent ambient sound and video.

Voice Monkey is a smart home Alexa Skill that:

☑️ allows you to trigger Alexa Routines and make Text To Speech (TTS) announcements from external services such as IFTTT, Zapier and Smart Things
☑️ provides a REST API for triggering routines and doing TTS on Alexa enabled speakers
☑️ will give you access to unique apps to enhance your smart home and wellness

Oh, did we mention you can get started for FREE?!

To get started, please visit the Skill's accompanying website.... voicemonkey dot io


●● APPS ●●

Coming soon, Voice Monkey apps will launch your smart home to another level.

☑️ Play a range of ambient sounds to help you relax, sleep, focus or simply to add atmosphere around your home.
☑️ Loop ambient video on your Echo Show or screen enabled Alexa device.
☑️ Subscribe to real-time announcements.
☑️ Turn your device into an audible Clock with sounds such as a Cuckoo
☑️ + Loads more. And we add new apps all the time.


Alexa routines are powerful for automating daily tasks and for controlling smart home devices. However, the actions that can trigger Alexa routines are currently limited.

Voice Monkey allows you to trigger Alex Routines based on just about anything -- an incoming email or SMS, a Facebook message, a Tweet, a Flic button, a weather alert or temperature change, website events, a server error, smart home device events such as a security camera motion detection event, or even a physical button connected to something like a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. The possibilities are endless.

You can also trigger virtual devices from IFTTT, Zapier, a web browser, a RESTful API or as part of your smart home set-up from platforms such as Samsung SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Hubitat, Homey and Node-red.

Please enable the Skill, link your Amazon account and then visit https://voicemonkey.io/start to get started.


Give your smart home a voice. Voice Monkey allows you to send your own announcement text which Alexa will speak. Send anything. This is great for sending dynamic information to your Echo speakers based on an external event e.g. 'motion detected from camera one'


As well as Text To Speech announcements, Voice Monkey can send media content such as images, audio and video to your devices.

Send either an image or video directly to your Echo Shows or or other screen enabled Alexa devices. Simply send a secure https URL of the image or mp4 video via the API and you can display it on your device's screen.
Or send a personal MP3 file to play on your speaker.

●● API ●●

Voice Monkey provides a restful API to trigger your virtual buttons/devices, make TTS announcements and also start apps.


Before you can start using Voice Monkey you must complete these steps:

1. Enable the Voice Monkey Skill
2. Agree to link the skill to your Amazon account
3. Sign in at https://voicemonkey.io/login
4. Complete set-up and add your Devices.
5. Set-up a routine and use the newly created Monkey as the trigger. Open the Voice Monkey skill as the last action in your routine to make announcements and launch apps.

More information and documentation is available at https://voicemonkey.io/docs

●● GO PRO ●●

Start for free. Every account comes with a free trial of premium features. You can continue using the basic Voice Monkey service for free after your trial expires.
You can choose to go pro and upgrade your plan for access to premium services.


If you have any questions, comments or feedback please send an email to: