Garage Logic

Garage Logic

by Hubbard Radio
Garage Logic is the seat of Gumption County, down the road from Diversityville, but not as far as Liberal Lakes. It's a place where common sense prevails, the 2-car garage is revered and cigar smoking is allowed (and lawyers aren't).

You can control your position in the episode using the following commands.

To rewind: "Alex ask garage logic to rewind thirty seconds"
To fast forward: "Alex ask garage logic to fast forward five minutes"
To go to specific point: "Alex ask garage logic to go to eight minute mark"

"Alexa, ask garage logic play the ..."

- "Foghorn"
- "Double Foghorn"
- "Uh, We don't know that!"
- "Pat Laugh"
- "Pat Talk"

"Alexa, ask garage logic for a definition of ..."

- "50-50-90 Rule"
- "B as in B, S as in S"
- "Cylinder Index (C.I.)"
- "Chief Procurer (C.P.)"
- "Central Community Kindergarten Center"
- "Choppers"
- "Common Surface, Savings, and Loan"
- "Crisis Center"
- "Cylinder Index Tasking Priority"
- "Domestic Associate (D.A.)"
- "End of the World"
- "Female Fun Limitation Factor (FFLF)"
- "Fighting Stogies"
- "G.U.S."
- "Garage Door Opener"
- "Garage Grilling"
- "Goin' In"
- "Good Luck!"
- "Great Living American"
- "Hail the Flashlight King!"
- "In a GLer's Pocket"
- "Linking"
- "Make a Move"
- "Male Romance Limitation Factor (MRLF)"
- "Mysterians"
- "NCLB"
- "Plate Management (Heap Management)"
- "Rainman It "
- "Real Mechanical Value of a Task (the RMV)"
- "Sensitive Caring Urban Male (S.C.U.M.)"
- "SPEC"
- "Sudden Insanity Syndrome"
- "The 48-Hour Rule or “You Had Your Chance”"
- "The Cap is ON/OFF"
- "The Look"
- "The Mystery"
- "Three Prices You Pay Syndrome"
- "Tophat"
- "Two-Cycle"
- "U.S.S. Common Sense"
- "Vast Prosperity"
- "WD-40"
- "Wrenches"
- "You in?"