Google Nest

Google Nest

by Google LLC
How to connect Alexa to your Google Nest cameras, doorbells and thermostats

Before you begin, make sure your Nest Account has been migrated to a Google Account by following the instructions at

After you’ve migrated to a Google Account follow the steps below to setup your new Google Nest device, enable the new skill and configure your settings.

Set up your Google Nest Cam, Nest Doorbell, or Nest Thermostat. More information is available at

Enable the Google Nest skill for Amazon Alexa in the Amazon Alexa App. More information is available at If you are adding a new Nest device after you already enabled the skill for a previous Nest device, make sure to enable the Amazon Alexa connection in the Partner Connections Manager for your new Nest device.

1. Go to the on your phone or computer with the same Google account that you used to set up your Nest devices and verify the Google account you are using with the account picker at the top right corner of the screen. The Partner Connections Manager is also available in the Google Home App > User profile icon > Home app settings > Partner Connections
2. Select the Amazon Alexa partner connection
3. Enable the permission toggle(s) for all devices that you wish to connect to Alexa.

Voice Commands

Talk to a visitor at your door
Two-way talk with visitors in front of your doorbell directly from Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show or Amazon Fire Tablet. These voice commands are only supported on Nest Doorbell (battery). Say:
“Alexa, answer the front door.”

Display a live view from a camera or a doorbell
Watch your camera’s live view with an Alexa device that has a display (for example, Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show or Amazon Fire Tablet). Say:
“Alexa, show the [camera name] feed”

Stop displaying a live view
“Alexa, hide the [camera name] feed”

Changing the indoor temperature
After connecting Alexa to your Nest Thermostat in a few simple steps, you can say commands* like:
"Alexa, set the dining room to 68."
"Alexa, increase the master bedroom by 4 degrees."

* When using this Skill, you need to specify the name of the desired device. The name is equivalent to the location of where the device was installed and can be found and configured in the Google Home app. You can also add Nest devices to new or existing groups in the Alexa app.