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Google Nest

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How to connect Amazon Alexa to your Google Nest cameras and thermostats

Before you begin, make sure your Nest Account has been migrated to a Google Account.

There are certain Google Accounts that can’t be used for migration including G Suite accounts.
Learn more about migration.

1. Open the Nest app.
2. Click start migration, or sign out of the Nest app and select “Sign in with Google.” Note: If you select “Sign in with Google,” you will be asked what type of account you have.
a. If you have an existing non-migrated Nest Account, select Yes;
b. If creating a brand new account, select No.
3. Follow the steps in the Nest app to migrate to a Google Account.

After you’ve migrated your Nest Account follow the steps below to link the new skill and discover your devices.

1. If you’re updating from the previous Works with Nest Alexa skills, make sure to disable them before adding the Google Nest skill.
2. Enable the Google Nest skill and follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Ask Alexa to discover your Google Nest devices by saying, "Alexa, discover my devices."

If you add or remove any Google Nest devices, after completing setup, just say “Alexa, discover my devices.”

After connecting Alexa to your Nest Thermostat in a few simple steps, you can say commands* like:
"Alexa, set the dining room to 68."
"Alexa, increase the master bedroom by 4 degrees."
"Alexa, decrease the living room temperature."
"Alexa, what is the temperature in the guest bedroom?"
"Alexa, what is the kitchen set to?"
"Alexa, set the kitchen to Heat/Cool"
"Alexa, turn on fan on kitchen"
"Alexa, is the kitchen fan off"

To see your Nest camera feed on the device, just say commands* like:
“Alexa, show the backyard camera"
"Alexa, show the feed from the front door camera"

To stop your Google Nest camera from streaming video, you can say:
"Alexa, hide the kids’ room camera"

Partner Connections
You can manage which Nest device data you share with Amazon using the Partner Connections Management tool:

Learn more about how Alexa works with Nest:

* When using this Skill, you need to specify the name of the desired device. The name is equivalent to the location of where the device was installed and can be found and configured in the Google Home app. You can also add Nest devices to new or existing groups in the Alexa app (​​).