Pixel Fun

Pixel Fun

by Lobster
Pixel Fun is about correctly guessing images and being the first player to say the word you're looking for. There are different modes in the game where the images are changed in different ways and become clearer over time. You can choose between pixelated photos, "close-ups", in which you gradually zoom out of the picture, and Puzzle mode, in which the pictures consist of four pieces that complement each other over time. At the beginning of the skill, you can choose a play set. In each set, all the images are modified in the same way.

This trivia game requires an Echo device with display. Optionally the game can be played with Echo Buttons. This is recommended for even more fun. Premium content can only be accessed on a device with a screen.

Tip for the gameplay without echo buttons: Tell Alexa your name by saying: “My name is…. “. If you want to solve a riddle, say: “I want to solve”. Provide your name again as mentioned above. Then give the answer with the words: “The answer is…”.

Start the game …
“Alexa, open Pixel Fun“

Pause the game … (only during the actual game)
“Alexa, pause!”

End the game or skill … (possible at any time)
“Alexa, stop!”

Get some help … (possible at any time)
“Alexa, help!”


For each correctly guessed picture a player gets one point. No points will be deducted for wrong answers. However, the player who gave a wrong answer will be blocked for the actual image level and can only answer again at the next level of detail. The first player with three points wins.

Game Sets:

Pixel Set
The Pixel Set is free and contains 50 different motifs that have been pixelated. There are 4 levels with different degrees of pixelation per motif. Over time the depth of detail gets better and the picture becomes clearer to recognize.

City Set (Purchasable)
With the City Set you can compete against each other on 50 cities from all over the world. The cities build up bit by bit out of four parts like a puzzle. The first one who correctly guesses the city gets one point. This premium content can only be accessed on a device with a screen.

Animal Set (Purchasable)
The animal set gives you access to 90 more pixelated images with animal motifs. Beside known animal companions like dog and cat you have to assign the pixels of exotic animals like parrots and lions correctly. Fun for the whole family guaranteed! This premium content can only be accessed on a device with a screen.

Close-Up Set (Purchasable)
The Close-Up Set contains 60 different motifs from all areas where you zoom out of the picture over time. There are four levels. From the 10x zoom to the double zoom you should guess as early as possible which word we are looking for. This premium content can only be accessed on a device with a screen.