My Spaceship

My Spaceship

by Robot Radio
Say ‘Launch My Spaceship’ to discover a distant and unfamiliar future, with only your ships strange A.I. assistant as your guide.

With a little luck and some good decision-making, you might just keep your crew alive long enough to discover the secrets of this universe. Make sure you keep your food and fuel at safe levels so that you can navigate more than 60 different original scenarios together, with hundreds of unique outcomes.

Prove yourself for long enough and you might just reach the rank of Admiral. Then the fun can really begin. You’ll be permitted to race space shuttles, pass judgment on Alien criminal cases and become an inter-species Ambassador for the Human Race.

Lie down, close your eyes and say ‘Launch My Spaceship’ to begin your journey.

Robot Radio’s unique game engine means that no two journeys will be the same.