Outlier Game

Outlier Game

by Azalea Labs
Play the Outlier Game with Alexa, and see how good you are at identifying the patterns and find the "outlier" in a set of similar items.

Compete with your friends for added fun!

- Xylophone, guitar, brother, violin.
- Which word doesn't belong?
- Brother, because it's a relative, while the rest are musical instruments.

Easy, right? Try this one.

- Spain, Japan, Argentina, Bolivia
- Which word doesn't belong?
- Japan, because all other countries in the list are Spanish-speaking

And things only get trickier from there!

Start with the "rhymes" or "mixer" pack until you get the hang of things. Then move on to more challenging packs, like "places" and "animals," and show Alexa what you're really made of!

The game can be played by both adults and children.

Just say "Alexa, start the Outlier Game". Good luck!