Crisis Response

Crisis Response

by AuTek
This skill lets you
- listen to weather emergency alerts specific to your location
- find open shelters in your area
- check if you are in a flood zone
- learn about natural and man-made disasters, catastrophes and crisis events, how to prepare for them, what to do when you are in a middle of one and how to recover after

*This skill requires access to a valid U.S. postal address configured on your Echo device or Alexa App, to provide emergency alerts relevant to your area, find open shelters around you or find flood zone information. If your device is not configured with a proper address or you do not grant the skill permission to access it, these features won't be available to you.
Your postal address is used for the only purpose of providing these features, we do not collect or share information with any third parties for any other purpose.

Alexa, ask Crisis Response for my alerts?
Alexa, ask Crisis Response how to survive a Hurricane?
Find a shelter in my area?
Is my home in a flood zone?
How do I prepare for an Earthquake?
What to do in the middle of an Active Shooter situation?
What happens after Nuclear Power Plant Accident?
What is a Tsunami?
What to do after a Home Fire?
Tell me about getting ready for a Flood?

Emergency Alerts, open shelters lookup and flood zone lookup features are currently supported for the following locations: United States and its territories.
*U.S. National Weather Service (which is the source of the alerts) may at times be slow or unavailable. If it takes a while to retrieve your alerts or it says "unavailable", please be patient and retry a bit later.

Preparedness and survival information is supported for the following event types:
Earthquakes, Home Fires, Floods, Active Shooters, Explosions and Terrorism, Chemical Emergencies, Food Safety During Emergencies, Hurricanes, Landslides and Debris Flow, Extreme Heat, Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies, Thunderstorm and Lightning, Tornadoes, Tsunami, Volcanoes, Wildfires, Snowstorms and Extreme Cold, Power Outages, Nuclear Explosions, Epidemics and Pandemics

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Information about disaster events preparedness is sourced from U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency websites.
Location specific emergency alerts are sourced from U.S. National Weather Service.
Information about open shelters and flood zones is sourced from FEMA.

This Skill is not endorsed by or affiliated in any way with U.S. National Weather service, NOAA, FEMA or any other government body.
The Skill may contain errors, omissions and bugs, voice interactions by their nature may be inaccurate and may result in wrong answers, alerts or other information.
When in doubt, please consult your local government administration and emergency services.
We accept no responsibility and liability for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of using the Skill, including as a result of us and/or our partners providing inaccurate, untimely, incomplete or erroneous information. We shall not be liable for any failure to comply with our obligations where the failure is caused by something outside our reasonable control.
You can only use the Skill if you agree to accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms, you must not use the Skill.