Something nice

Something nice

by Cognyapps
The Something Nice Skill for Amazon Alexa gives you a compliment just by launching it.

You can ask for some nice words to say to your boyfriend, your mom, or even your dog. It is full of kind messages for you and your close ones, and it is always being improved with new phrases every week!

The niceness is never-ending, try it now on your Echo device and impress your friends.

Just Ask:
- Alexa, tell something nice to my mom.
- Alexa, tell something nice about my dog.
- Alexa, tell something nice to me.

Not sure what to say to your beloved one? Ask Alexa and get awesome ideas:
- Alexa, tell something nice to my husband.

If you liked your compliment say Thank you to Alexa! She'll be happy to hear it.

Try it now and get in the mood for happiness and kindness with everyone around you.