My backpack

My backpack

by Cognyapps
My Backpack is a game for family and friends!

Thanks for using My Backpack Skill on Alexa, the funniest and most entertaining memory Skill.

Let's imagine we're going camping and each one of us would like to take things for the trip, but we don't want to miss anything, right?

So, the idea is that players take turns to add things to the Backpack. Each player must mention all the things that are already in the Backpack, in exact order, and add a new one. The next player will do the same, and so on.

There is one single rule: At each turn, the player must say the magic words:

'In my backpack, I have a...'

For instance: 'In my backpack, I have a pencil', then, the next player says: 'In my backpack, I have a pencil and a cup', and so on.

The game ends when a player misses an item from the list, scrambles the list, or forgets to add a new item.

Start playing now by saying: 'Alexa, ask my Backpack to start a new game'