Natal Charts

Natal Charts

by Aygul
Alexa reads someone's natal chart, or alternitively, only one sign (of a particular planet).

She will ask for their date of birth, and might ask for time and place of birth, if required.

Chart information includes Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, Lilith, Ascendant and all houses (in case the time and place of birth is given).

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Sample conversation:

you: Alexa, launch Natal Charts

Alexa: Hi! You can say, tell me a Moon sign. Vinus sign. Or any planet sign. Or read the full chart.

you: Give me the full chart

Alexa: Tell me the date of birth.

you: September 20th

Alexa: What is the year of birth? For example, 1990.

you: 1977

Alexa: What is the time of birth? For example, 9 PM. If you are unsure, you can say I don't know.

you: I don't know

Alexa: What is the city, or country of birth? For example, Paris. If you are unsure, you can say I don't know.

you: Paris

Alexa: Is it Paris, in France?

you: yes

Alexa: Here is the natal chart of the person born on 1977-09-20 in Paris, in France. The Sun is in Virgo. Mercury is in Virgo. Venus is in Leo. Mars is in Cancer. Jupiter is in Cancer. Saturn is in Leo. Uranus is in Scorpio. Neptune is in Sagittarius. Pluto is in Libra. Chiron is in Taurus. Lilith is in Aquarius. Planets that are not mentioned require time of birth. Those include Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven and the other houses.