Class Picker - Random picker for Teachers

Class Picker - Random picker for Teachers

by Hoogalit
With Class Picker, teachers can have Alexa speak a random item from a list. Class Picker items are all age-appropriate for the classroom setting.

Lists include letters, colors, animals, fruit, body breaks, planets, and countries.
For example,
“Alexa, ask class picker for an animal” for students to use as a writing prompt.

With voice membership to AskMyClass, teachers can add their own lists for Alexa to pick from, such as student first names.
For example,
“Alexa, ask class picker for a name” randomly picks a student.
“Alexa ask class picker for 1 by 1” randomly calls on all students .
“Alexa, ask class picker for 2 by 2” randomly groups students in pairs.
“Alexa, ask class picker for a table” randomly picks a table to be dismissed.

Students and teachers say using class picker helps keep grouping and selecting students fair.

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