Ottawa city

Ottawa city

by Cognyapps
The Ottawa City Skill connects you with city services.

Activities: The Ottawa City Skill has all the information related to activities in the city. You can ask for a specific date and Alexa will respond with a list of activities for you to select. You will hear the time and location details, and you can also ask for a brief summary of it.

Ask for the activities going on next week, or this weekend, or even next weekend. Activities' details will let you know if the event is free, its exact location and contact information.

Garbage Collection Schedule: The Ottawa City Skill knows the garbage collection information for all zones in the city. It's as easy as asking "what's the garbage schedule for this week?" and you'll know which bin to take out and which day you should do it.

To provide the greatest experience, the Garbage Collection Schedule service requires that you share your device's location, that's how the Skill knows the precise collection information for your zone. Please, read our Privacy Policy:

Enable the Ottawa City Skill on your Echo device and ask:

Alexa, ask Ottawa City what's going on today!
Alexa, ask Ottawa City which bin is collected this week!

Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – City of Ottawa.
Some of the images and videos were obtained thanks to Ottawa Tourism.
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