House Tracker

House Tracker

by Inc
Win points by logging chores and see if you can be at the top of your household leaderboard!

“Alexa, tell House Tracker I did the dishes.”
“Alexa, ask House Tracker who last did the dishes?”
“Alexa, ask House Tracker for this week’s stats.”

The leaderboard shows who has earned the most points by doing the most chores! View the full list of chores, which ones have been completed and by whom, and the date and time of the chore.

Linking your account is optional and you can still use House Tracker to log and keep track of your chores. However, by linking your account, you can view your household leaderboard, configure your household, and see a detailed view of chores at

To link your account, follow these steps:
1. Find House Tracker in the Alexa app on your smart phone or tablet.
2. Select the “Enable” button.
3. Click “Settings” and follow the instructions (you can use any email address to sign in).
4. Using the same email address as you did in step 3, create an account at
5. Tell your Alexa device “Alexa, tell House Tracker I did the dishes” to see the chore come up on the leaderboard. You may have to refresh your browser.

Please note: Only chores logged after linking your account will appear on the leaderboard.

If you've followed steps 1-5 and still don’t see your chores, please visit and send your House Key and User ID to us at

How do I log a chore?
If you’re doing the dishes, you would say “Alexa, tell House Tracker I’m doing the dishes.”

How does the points system work?
1 chore logged = 1 point

How do I check who last did a chore?
Say “Alexa, ask House Tracker who last did the dishes?”

What if a chore isn’t supported?
Let us know and we’ll add it! Contact us at with your suggestion.

How do I hear the stats?
Say “Alexa, ask House Tracker for the stats.”

I had several points yesterday, but today I have none. What happened?
We track the stats weekly! Every Sunday evening, the points are reset to 0. To see a history of your points, follow the “Linking My Account” instructions above, and then visit

How do I add household members?
You can do this by voice. Log your chore by saying “Alexa, tell House Tracker I’m [doing the dishes],” and if we don’t recognize your name, we’ll double check that Alexa heard it right, and then you’ll be added. Or if you’ve linked your account, visit

How do I edit, delete, or change the name of household members?
Follow the “Linking My Account” instructions above, and then visit

What do you do with my data?
We value the privacy of our fans. Your data is only used for the purpose of providing you with the best experience possible with regards to the House Tracker Alexa Skill. We do not resell or give any 3rd parties access to your data.

How do I delete my account and my data?
Open the Alexa app, find House Tracker, and select “Disable Skill.” Then email us at to have your data deleted.

We hope you find House Tracker to be a helpful experience that’s easy to use. If you have feedback or suggestions on how to make the experience more enjoyable, please contact us at