by Booke
Meet Booke, your new intelligent reading companion. The Booke Alexa skill will help you transcribe from paper books in seconds and take great notes 90% faster.

Booke lets you taste the spice of a book that intrigue you. Find your next reading based on the compelling quotes.

Are you an active reader? Save paper book notes in Evernote® with Booke.

Now you don’t have to sacrifice the touch and smell of a printed book to search for a term, keep track of what you’re reading, effectively work with a text, or collect the best quotes.

1. Choose a book to read with Booke company. Say something like “Choose ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’”.
2. Taste the spice of a book that intrigue you. Say something like "Check best bookmarks".
3. Work with the book, for example, select the page on which you are reading. Say something like “Go to page 5” or “Select page 5”. Track where are you in the book and say something like: “Where am I in the book?”.
4. Be inspired by some compelling quote from a random book. Say something like "Present some compelling quote".
5. Take advantage of more advanced features (the book needs to be unlocked). For example, search a term in the book. Say something like “Search for ‘freedom’”. To collect the quotes for later reference (the quotes will be stored in Evernote® automatically) say something like “Bookmark from ‘freedom’ to ‘human rationality’”.

You can omit the end of a quote if you only want to store a one sentence quote. For example, you can say "Bookmark from ‘freedom’".
You can omit the page number to save a quote on the current page.

Every quote is stored along with the source information in Chicago Style Format.

The Booke skill works on top of your printed book. Every printed book needs to be enhanced (you can call it “unlocked”) by pairing it with a corresponding piece of software – Booke Companion. There are hundreds of titles available for free, which have been thoroughly vetted and selected by RCPL Library, which is one of the top-ranked libraries in the U.S. (Library Journal Index of Public Library Service), and even more titles are coming.

You can check any title. Just say something like “Check 'Thinking, Fast and Slow'” or "What books are available?".

Track what are you reading: “What am I reading?”
Track where are you in the book: “Where am I in the book?”
Remember where are you in the book: “Go to page 5.”
Listen to the most interesting quotes in the book: "Read compelling quotes."
Be inspired by some compelling quote from a random book: "Present some compelling quote."
Collect the quotes for later reference: “Bookmark from ‘freedom’ to ‘human rationality’.”
Listen to your and other's bookmarks: “Check bookmarks.”
Receive bookmarks via email: “Send bookmarks.”
Search for a term in the book: “Search for ‘freedom’.”
Choose a book to read with Booke company: “Choose ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’.”
Add the book to your current list: “Add ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’”
Request the book to be unlocked for you: “Request ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’.”
Check what's on your current list: “What books are on my ‘current’ list?”
Check available books: “What books are available?”

Please let us know at if you have a request for a feature.

We believe in the wisdom and we are on a mission to make reading and acquiring knowledge fun and empowering.