Slack with Voice

Slack with Voice

by Meha Masum
Slack With Voice is an unofficial skill that connects your Slack workspace with Amazon Echo.

----------------HOW TO USE----------------
First you have to authorize this skill using the Alexa App (using "Link Account" button in the skill page OR using the Account Linking card it sends to your Alexa App after invocation for the first time)
Then you can enjoy the following functionality:

1. "Send message to [Channel]" : Send message to public or private channel
• Example: "Send message to general"

2. "Send direct message to [Person Name]" : Send direct message (DM) to a person
• Example: "Send direct message to John"

1. "Read messages from [Channel]" : Read message from public or private channel
• Example: "Read messages from general"

2. "Read direct messages from [Person Name]": Read direct message (DM) from a person
• Example: "Read direct messages from John"

3. "Read starred messages" : Read your starred messages

1. "Next": To read next message, as all three Read commands above fetches one message at a time

2. "React [Reaction]" : React to a message, currently supported Reaction: "like", "dislike", "love", "ha ha", "wow", "sad", "angry"
• Example: "React ha ha"

3. "Star" : Add a message to your Starred Items

4. "Send reply": Reply to a message
• Tips: "Reply [You message]" is a one-liner for this command, Example: "Reply I'm on my way"

5. "Read replies": Read all replies to a message
• "Read replies" command fetches 3 replies at a time. Say "more replies" to fetch next three.

- "Help", "Repeat", "Stop/Cancel"

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Q. Why Slack says it is not reviewed or approved by Slack?
A: Because this app is not distributed publicly via 'Slack App Directory'. It can only be activated & used within Amazon Echo.

We never store your personal or workspace data. We only collect some information to improve, debug, and maintain our services.

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Slack With Voice is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.