by Wizzard Media
GeoGearHeads is a weekly feature with ChrisOfTheNorthWest and DarrylW4 discussing topics of interest to Geocachers, Location-based Gamers, and Technology Enthusiasts. We record the shows live through YouTube Hangout On Air Thursday nights at 9:10PM Eastern/6:10PM Pacific.

Here are a few quick tips when navigating our skill. First thing to note, when opening the skill you’ll be offered the latest episode, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, you can always find something more specific. This skill allows you to skip forward and backward by entire episodes, and you can also fast forward and rewind within episodes themselves. In addition, you can ask the skill to play the newest or oldest episodes released; or if you want to get specific, play a specific episode by saying the episode number. Try some of these commands:

**Skip Entire Episodes**
— [While Episode Is Playing] = “Alexa skip” or “Alexa tell Geo GearHeads to skip ahead 5 episodes”

**Fast Forward/Back Within Episode**
— [While Episode Is Playing] = “Alexa, tell Geo GearHeads to fast forward 2 minutes”
— [While Episode Is Playing] = “Alexa, tell Geo GearHeads to rewind 45 seconds”

**Select Newest Episode**
— “Alexa, tell Geo GearHeads to play the newest episode”