Tech Trends by NPEDIA Technologies

Tech Trends by NPEDIA Technologies

by Npedia Technologies
Explore NPEDIA Technologies’ innovation - Tech Trends skill, with any of the 100 emerging technologies (top 100). You can explore the Definition of the technology, the adoption in the market, impact of this technology, advice and benefit. Alexa skills are leveraged to guide people on these aspect of a given technology. In addition, Alexa can be interrupted to move to next column value for a given technology – by saying “Alexa, Next”. The command to exit out of this skill is “Alexa, Stop”. This simple application will be the needed executive advisory for the CXO Community.

Enjoy Tech Trends

Few Examples –

What is the definition of machine learning?

What is the adoption of Augmented Reality?

What is the business impact of blockchain?

Example – Alexa next

If Alexa is defining the machine learning, this command will start explaining adoption