AskMyClass - Teacher & Student Classroom Helper

AskMyClass - Teacher & Student Classroom Helper

by Hoogalit
Use Alexa to its full potential in your classroom, with the ultimate teacher and student helper!

Designed for teachers:
AskMyClass is specifically built for teachers with short guided activities that are helpful throughout the school day to quickly refocus and engage students.

As one teacher said, “When I brought Alexa into the classroom it was a fun tool. When I discovered AskMyClass to pair with Alexa, I realized this is exactly what I was missing.”

Enable and account link, to try all activities 100% free:
- Need to get students to refocus after recess? “Alexa, ask my class to calm down”
- Need to get their wiggles out? “Alexa, ask my class to dance”
- Want to introduce mindfulness easily? “Alexa, ask my class for mindfulness”
- Want to build your classroom community? “Alexa, ask my class for a sharing question”
- Want to promote a growth mindset? “Alexa, ask my class for a daily affirmation”
- Want a classroom timer? “Alexa, ask my class for a 2-minute music countdown”
- How about calm music during work time? “Alexa, ask my class for background music”

Once you account link, we’ll send an email to your Amazon email address with the full list of over 70 activities from morning greetings to line-up to graded word problems and indoor recess games to try for free for 14 days.

You can also try out a demo by saying:
Alexa, ask My Class to start demo.
Alexa, ask My Class to start demo word problem.

Learn more:
At AskMyClass, we believe in making education more empowering and engaging, using affordable tools, so every child learns better. We’ve been working with schools across the US to build AskMyClass. Voice technology and AI are skills that all kids will be interacting with when they enter the workforce in 10 years, and we’re keen on getting them ready for that future. Visit us at

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