Card Statistics Magic Trick

Card Statistics Magic Trick

In this Amazon Alexa magic trick, the CardStats skill will perform two major features:

1. Alexa, Ask CardStats to tell a playing card fact will return a random fact about playing cards.

The second feature allows Alexa to perform Simon Aronson's classic card trick Random Sample Shuffle-Bored (originally published in Magic Magazine August 2003)

2. You can prompt Alexa to reveal facts about card shuffles including the following prompts:

Alexa Ask CardStats for the statistics on card shuffles
Alexa, Ask CardStats for the second statistic
Alexa, Ask CardStats for the third statistic
Alexa, Ask CardStats for the margin of error

If you are a magician who knows this classic trick, you'll recognize how entertaining the trick will be using Alexa instead of other means to reveal the shuffle analysis.

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Photo Credit: Chris Waits