Daily Quran and Hadith

Daily Quran and Hadith

by Syed Anwaarullah
This Flash Briefing Skill will play you two sequential random Ayaths (verses) from the Holy Quran in Arabic & translation from any or all of the selected languages: English, Urdu, Farsi, French & Chinese. These are updated every minute from the Server so you can repeatedly invoke the Flash Briefing to get new verses every minute.

The Audio recitation sources/details are:

* Arabic recitation is of Mishary Rashid Alafasy
* English translation recited by Ibrahim Walk
* Urdu translation recited by Shamshad Ali Khan
* Farsi (Persian) recited by Fooladvand - Hedayatfar
* Chinese translation recited by - Unknown
* French translation recited by Youssouf Leclerc

You can enable any or all off the above translations by selected the feeds from the Settings --> (Manage) Flash Briefing.

History of last played & previous Quran Ayaths details [Chapter Name, Number & Verse Number] are shown in the Alexa App (or WebApp) for your reference.

This skill also reads out a Random Hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH). This is updated daily.