My Pod

My Pod

My Pod allows you to play all the popular podcasts, upload your own MP3’s, create your own custom playlists of podcasts, audio and video links, audio / text RSS feeds, internet radio, audio books and much more!

Go to to get started.

Just some of the great features:

- Just ask for any popular podcast and My Pod will begin playing it for you.
- Add your favourite podcasts to a playlist and My Pod will remember and resume where you left the next time you play.
- Link to any normal web site and get Alexa to read the main content to you for example news or sites which don’t provide an RSS / Atom feed.
- Protected links in the case of subscription podcast links are supported.
- Play audio and video files and folders shared on Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive (Please note: Right-click on Google Drive file and click 'Get shareable link' to paste in to My Pod).
- Upload your MP3’s directly to My Pod for instant playback.

It’s really easy to get started:

1. Enable the skill and link your Amazon account by signing in via the Alexa app.

2. Either ask My Pod to play a podcast you know (all the popular ones are included) or go to and create a playlist. Then add some podcast links, audio or video streams or just upload your MP3’s straight to the website!


If you are having any problems or have a suggestion, please don’t just leave a bad review.

Contact us at: so we can help to get it fixed for you and everybody else!


Some of the things you can ask My Pod:

- Alexa, ask my pod to play <a podcast name>.

- Alexa, ask my pod to play my <playlist name> playlist.

- Alexa, ask my pod to play <link name>.


- Alexa, ask my pod for the next link.

- Alexa, ask my pod to play the next playlist.

- Alexa, ask my pod for the previous link.

- Alexa, ask my pod to play the previous playlist.

- Alexa, ask my pod to play my <playlist name> playlist from the beginning.

- Alexa, ask my pod to skip forward 10 minutes.

- Alexa, ask my pod to go back 30 seconds.

As well as the usual audio player commands:

Play, Pause, Stop, Start Over.

My Pod will remember your place with each link, useful for longer audio such as podcasts and audio books.

A full list of voice commands can be found here:

More help and frequently asked questions and help can be found on our website:


Go to: to get started!