Easy Tuner

Easy Tuner

by www.opearlo.com
Easy Tuner by Life Bot is the easiest way to tune your guitar!

We currently support 2 tunings:

"Alexa, ask Easy Tuner to play Standard Tuning."
"Alexa, ask Easy Tuner to play Drop D Tuning."

To move through strings say --> "Alexa, Next / Previous"
When you're done you can check all strings by saying --> "Alexa, play all strings"

We also support individual notes:

"Alexa, ask Easy Tuner for a...

low D
low E
high E

If you enjoy the skill, please do leave us a 5 star review as it helps other people find it and enjoy it too.

If you'd like to give us feedback or have ideas for new features, please email us at team@asklifebot.com.

Life Bot :)