RockStar Shaman's Morning Meditations

RockStar Shaman's Morning Meditations

by FreshDigitalGroup
Hi! I am Alyson Charles aka RockStar Shaman inviting you to join me for a morning meditation.

You have 2 choices, depending on what your soul is most asking for…

AM Deep Support (a practice that allows empowering energies to access you via breath, the healing powers of palo santo and colors).

AM Energy (a method that quickly connects you to the powerful medicine of Mother Earth, activating energies of my healing instruments and gets you moving mind, body, spirit and soul!).

I created these meditations so you have another tool to assist you being in your fullest power, brightest shining light and you remembering your magnificence.

I look forward to starting this day together!


To help you sleep, try my Blessed Sleep Meditation (a meditation that places you in a relaxed, deeply blissful and supportive state, allowing you to let go and clear away any stress-related energies from the day).

If at any time you wish to pause the meditation, simply say, "Alexa Pause." When you are ready to start again, say "Alexa, Resume." It will pick up right where you left off.

If you wish to skip my introduction and move onto a particular meditation, just say:
Alexa, ask RockStar Shaman's Morning Meditations to start a.m. deep support meditation.
Alexa, ask RockStar Shaman's Morning Meditations to start a.m. energy meditation.

More About Alyson Charles

A traumatic moment many years ago provided my awakening this lifetime and I have been deeply committed to my calling as shaman ever since.
I honor this work to my deepest cellular core and have been blessed to be named a Top Meditation To Try by Oprah Magazine, The Next Big Thing by Marie Claire Magazine and One of the Reasons Why Practical Magic is the New Frontier of Mindfulness by Forbes.

I am thankful to see these consciousness and mindfulness practices spreading out into the world more as I have guided this work at Art Basel, the HBO Film Festival, The New York Times (and many others) and am resident shaman for top health site, Well and Good where I write a monthly energy forecast. Divine blessings to you always.