Dev Tips

Dev Tips

by Amazon Alexa Devs
Building skills to make Alexa smarter? Alexa can help! Meet Dev Tips, your companion for the skill-building journey. This skill is designed to connect you with the news, tips, and resources you need to build your best skill—all via voice.

As you build your skills, you’ll likely have questions about how to add features or enhance existing ones. Simply enable the Dev Tips skill and ask Alexa for help, like "Alexa, ask Dev Tips about persistence." If you don’t have a specific question, you can also just say, “Alexa, ask Dev Tips for something cool,” and Alexa will randomly pick something from her knowledge base to help you broaden your development skills. And if you’d like to hear the latest Alexa news and announcements, simply say, “Alexa, ask Dev Tips what’s new.”

Enable Dev Tips now and let Alexa be your co-pilot.

February 21, 2018 Release Notes:
- Added support for speechcons. You can now ask Dev Tips to say any of the speechcons in your locale, or ask for a random one.
"Alexa, ask Dev Tips to say bazinga."
"Alexa, ask Dev Tips to give me a speechcon."

For more on speechcons, check out the documentation at:

January 17, 2018 Release Notes:
- Added support for Display Templates. You can now ask about BodyTemplate1, 2, 3, 6, and 7, as well as ListTemplate1 and 2.
- Added new synonyms for many existing terms that weren't matching.