Delaware County District Library

Delaware County District Library

by Pellucent Technologies LLC.
You can search for upcoming events at any of the following Library locations within Delaware County District Library System:
1. Delaware Library
2. Orange Library
3. Ostrander Library
4. Powell Library


Search events for any date, age group, or event type at any Library branch:
* What's happening today?
* What's going on today at Powell Library?
* What's going on this week at Orange Library?
* Are there any events for kids today?
* Are there any events for teens this week at the Delaware Library?
* Are there any events for toddlers this weekend?
* Are there any events for adults next week?
* Are there any Storytimes today?
* Are there any Book clubs this week?

Quickly search upcoming events:
* When is the next Storytime?
* When is the next Wellness event?
* When is the next teens event?

Search Library Hours:
* Is Ostrander Library open tomorrow?
* At what time will Delaware Library close today?
* Is Powell Library open on Sunday?

Learn about the new features in the Alexa Skill:
* What's new?

- 'Children' ( or 'Babies' or 'Toddlers' or 'Preschoolers')
- 'Teens'
- 'Adults'
- 'All Ages'

- Animals
- Arts & Crafts
- Book Club
- Computer Training
- Cookbook Club
- Games & Trivia
- Language Learning
- Life Skills
- Local History
- Music
- Storytime
- Wellness
- Writing


Navigate faster between the events by saying:
* Alexa, Next
* Alexa, Previous
* Alexa, Repeat

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for new features.
Please leave your feedback with any Library staff member. Thanks!