Word Chain

Word Chain

by tgeorgiev
Word Chain, also known as Grab on Behind and Last and First, is a game where two or more players take turns in saying words, where every next word should begin with the letter that the previous word ended.

An example word chain is: Dog ~ Giraffe ~ Elephant ~ Tiger, and so on.

You can play with Alexa and with other people around you as well.
There are four different categories from which to choose: countries, capitals, animals, fruits and vegetables.
The game can be played in cooperative and competitive mode. In cooperative mode our target is to build the largest possible word chain. you can skip turns, letting Alexa or other players guess a word. In competitive mode, if you cannot think of a word you are out of the game, your target is to be the last one in the game. It is recommended to master out cooperative mode, before going against Alexa, cause she knows quite a lot of words :-)

Players can also participate in the global leaderboard, where the high scores of their games will be displayed. To register for it just say "Alexa, ask Word Chain to register for high scores". The leaderboard can be accessed at word-chain.com

[11 Nov 2018] More complete list of animals

[09 Jan 2018] Addressed feedback from users not to end up prompting for words with the same letters over and over (AKA the "A" and "E" problem)

[13 May 2017] As requested, Word Chain has a richer animals, fruits and vegetables vocabulary.