Bring! Shopping List

Bring! Shopping List

by Bring! Labs AG
Planning and managing your grocery shopping is a breeze with the new Alexa skill.
Create your Bring! user account first. The free download is available for both iPhone and Android.

Thanks to the user-friendly shopping list and clever sharing functions, everyone in your household is always aware of what needs to be bought. This way you save a lot of time and money while shopping. Try it out now.

You can:
- Add articles with “Open Bring and add two liters of milk.”
- Remove articles with “Open Bring and remove milk.”
- Let Alexa read the articles on your list with “Open Bring and read my list.”
- Change the list with “Open Bring and change my list to Home.”

To do multiple things consecutively start with
- "Alexa open Bring."
After the welcome message continue with
- "Change the default list to Home."
- "What is on my list?"
- "Add 2 liter of milk to my list."

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Happy shopping with Bring!