Cleaning Buddy

Cleaning Buddy

by ActualCalorie
New! Speed Cleaning Mode and Exercise mode! Get fit and clean your entire home at the same time!

Fully clean your home with step-by-by step cleaning lists given to you by Alexa! There are five cleaning modes to choose from: daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and speed. Alexa will also keep track of your cleaning dates, so you know when your next cleaning date is due for weekly, monthly, and seasonal. You can also customize your cleaning lists to fit your cleaning needs. Complete a cleaning mode and enjoy your well earned interlude song!

Choose from two different cleaning modes: Classic, or Exercise. In classic mode, you earn points for just completing a task. In exercise mode, you set the intensity level, and Alexa will give you an exercise to after completing a task. Points are used to upgrade your interlude song.

Make cleaning fun and easy, and let Alexa be your cleaning buddy!

-Help and Commands-
If you desire to edit your cleaning list, go to and click on the Cleaning Buddy skill.
Say "Skip" to skip a task.
To reset your cleaning dates, say "Reset My Cleaning Dates".
Special thanks to Rachel Hoffman for inspiring my cleaning lists. You can buy her book here:
Special thanks to sound contributors:

Disclaimer: This skill may not be suitable for all ages. This skill is for entertainment purposes only. It is recommended that you speak with a medical doctor before performing any strenuous physical activities.