Big Sky®

Big Sky®

by Philosophical Creations
Big Sky powered by Better Weather for Amazon Alexa

Big Sky uses the API to provide the world's most accurate hyper-local and actionable forecasts in real-time. Big Sky gives real-time weather forecasts tied to your actual street address, and locations around the world.

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Screensaver mode users can keep the Big Sky weather forecast and video/animated backgrounds running continuously on their home screen. Weather conditions are updated automatically so you always have the latest information displayed.

Screensaver users also gain access to video backgrounds for regular Big Sky weather forecasts.

*Big Sky Screensaver requires an Alexa device with a screen. Access to normal Alexa functionality requires exiting the screensaver Screensaver mode requires a separate purchase and is not included with Big Sky premium.

For Premium Users:

1. Video Backgrounds. Enjoy beautiful and informative video backgrounds on your weather report. Just because the weather is dreary doesn't mean your weather report has to be.

2. Live animated Radar! Check out the radar over your your area, or anywhere in the world. Three levels of zoom.

3. Labeled Locations. Enter any address, give it a label (e.g., "my son's house" or "the campground" ) and get fast hyper-local forecasts: "What's the weather my son's house?" "Will it rain at the campground tomorrow?"

4. Custom weather alerts. You can now schedule 5 different kinds of custom weather alert:
-- Hot Weather (above 90)
-- Cold Weather (freezing)
-- Windy Weather (sustained winds above 15mph)
-- Rainy Weather (greater than 70% chance of rain)
-- Sunny Weather (UV index reaching 9 or higher)

You can schedule these alerts for any hour of the day, and BigSky will notify you if the day's weather matches your alert(s).
NOTE: Custom weather alerts work with labeled locations, so you can get alerted to weather conditions at your default location, or any labeled location that you've set up.

Example interactions for all users:
"Alexa, ask Big Sky..."

...what's the high temperature today?
...will it rain in the next three hours?
...for the barometric pressure
...what was the weather on June 1st, 1980?
...will it rain before 10 pm?
...for the humidity at 4 pm?
...give me a weather fact!
...what will the wind speed be in three hours?
...what's the low temperature in the next seven days?
...about the weather this weekend.
...when is sunrise on Saturday?
...what's the weather on Friday?

What is Big Sky Premium?
PREMIUM USERS can get RADAR IMAGERY when using devices with a screen
PREMIUM USERS can assign custom labels to additional addresses
PREMIUM USERS can schedule 5 different types of custom weather alert (hot, cold, windy, rainy, sunny.)
PREMIUM USERS get video backgrounds.


If you experience trouble with Big Sky, please contact the developer at:

Or check out the BigSky FAQ:

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