Big Sky®

Big Sky®

by Philosophical Creations
Big Sky: Better Weather for Amazon Alexa

Big Sky uses the famous Dark Sky API to provide the world's most accurate hyper-local forecasts. Big Sky gives real-time weather forecasts tied to your actual street address, and locations around the world.


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What can I ask Big Sky?

"Alexa, ask Big Sky..."

...what's the high temperature today?
...will it rain in the next three hours?
...for the barometric pressure
...what was the weather on June 1st, 1980?
...will it rain before 10 pm?
...for the humidity at 4 pm?
...give me a weather fact!
...what will the wind speed be in three hours?
...what's the low temperature in the next seven days?
...about the weather this weekend.
...when is sunrise on Saturday?
...what's the weather on Friday?

Want More?

Big Sky Premium Edition brings together all these great features:

1. Big Sky Premium Widgets: Premium Widgets support two locations. Swipe to switch displayed locations. Or add a second widget to have both locations displayed at the same time.

2. Big Sky Screensaver: Tired of having your home screen filled with Amazon ads and tips? Premium screensaver displays nothing but current weather, against beautiful video and photo backgrounds. (Note: the screensaver is not a replacement for the the home screen. You much exit the screensaver to access native Alexa features.)

The screensaver has two modes.
- AUTOMATIC: Screensaver comes on automatically after the weather forecast
- MANUAL: Skip the spoken forecast and launch the screensaver directly.

3. Live World-wide radar: Swipe to pan and tap to zoom in and out. Big Sky radar is the best weather radar available on Alexa

4. Labeled locations: Add a label to your favorite locations, e.g., "The beach" or "The golf course." Then get any weather information you'd like for that location, speaking naturally.e.g, "What's the weather at beach." Or, "What's the wind speed at the golf course."

5. Custom weather alerts. Get alerted when extreme weather conditions are about to come your way. Custom weather alerts work together with labeled locations, so you can stay informed about all your locations.

You can now schedule 5 different kinds of custom weather alert:
-- Hot Weather (above 90)
-- Cold Weather (freezing)
-- Windy Weather (sustained winds above 15mph)
-- Rainy Weather (greater than 70% chance of rain)
-- Sunny Weather (UV index reaching 9 or higher)

Weather data provided by Dark Sky and Apple Weather
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