1-2-3 Math

1-2-3 Math

by Sermo Labs, LLC
1-2-3 Math is a math challenge which tests your elementary mathematics skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison, etc. There are three modes easy, medium and hard with increasing levels of difficulty. We store the state of your game throughout the day. So, if you can't answer the question within the allotted time, you can always come back when you are ready and continue from where you left off.

You get one point for every correct question. Scores are calculated for each difficulty level separately. Check back regularly to maintain your lead in the game. All scores are reset at the end of the day.

Extension Packs:

This skill offers one time purchases of premium content in the form of extension packs. These extension packs increase the variety of questions in the respective difficulty level.

Here are the things you can say, once you initialize the skill.

Repeat/Say Again - To hear the question again
Help - To get detailed instructions
Score - To get today's scores
Change Level to Easy/Medium/Hard - To change the difficulty level to one of the options

Good luck!