7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout

by Pargee
Welcome to the new 7-Minute Workout. This revolutionary workout experience has been built from the ground up to offer more variety, more control, and over 45 new exercises to better help you achieve your fitness goals.

You can now tailor your experience with a number of new features, including:
• Choose between three different workout styles - low-impact, standard, and advanced
• Randomize the order of your exercises to keep your mind and body on their toes
• Amp up your motivation and energy with two optional music choices that play during your workouts

Unlock even more by joining the Seven Squad:
• Access to over 25 additional exercises across different workouts
• Target specific muscle groups with core, upper, lower, and full body workouts
• Detailed reporting and weekly/monthly performance summaries

The 7-Minute Workout is a scientifically proven set of exercises designed to increase metabolism, improve energy, lower stress, and best of all, remove fat! This small daily commitment can have enormous benefits, so we encourage you to begin your journey with us today.

To get started, you simply say 'Start 7-Minute Workout,' and you will be guided through a full body workout routine suited to your goals. Remember to take breaks as you need them, and let Alexa know when you are ready to begin the next exercise.

- Note from the Developer -
Thank you so much for taking a look at this skill and taking the steps towards a healthier you. We'd love to hear from you, and we will do our best to make the 7-Minute Workout the perfect workout companion for your busy life! Since launching this skill in 2015, we've received hundreds of responses with feedback and stories on how the 7-Minute Workout has changed your lives, so we thank you again, and encourage you to continue sharing your experiences!

You can contact me directly via email (justin@pargee.com) or Twitter (@pargee_justin) with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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